January 15, 2018

Rebel Pine Community



  1. people with common interests living in a particular area
  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Our planet contains 7.4+ billion individuals with so much in common. We are all in this together. We all share this tiny blue dot as our “particular area.”

There was a time not so long ago when you could go about your life and really have little to no effect on those around you. Those days are long gone.

Every day the world gets a little smaller because we can communicate instantaneously. We can buy something on the other side of the world and have it to our door in a day or two. And, we can spread our ideas to thousands, if not millions, with a click of a button. We are incredibly interconnected.

Because of this interconnection, we recognize how much we all have in common. Although it’s important to be individuals, it’s also important to come together with those who share a common interest to build communities.  

Throughout history, coffee has been a catalyst in bringing individuals together and creating a unique community. Coffee brings together old friends catching up, new acquaintances just getting to know each other, and even neighbors having friendly debates.

We believe coffee does this because it forces you to slow down and be in the moment. Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with another person – instantly you have something in common. You have a kinship, if only for the time it takes to finish your cup.

People coming together as a community can lead to amazing experiences and even movements. When people come together over a shared interest, love, or thought, they can make great and positive change in the world.

We started Rebel Pine Coffee as a way to build a strong community through both a love of coffee and our planet, focused on making great changes in the world.

Yes, that involves donating money to nonprofit organizations, but it also includes bringing together minds and experiences from around the world to come up with solutions to help the environmental crisis.

We are giving a portion of our proceeds from our sales to help environmental and social causes. You can read more about some of our initiatives HERE and HERE.

Our community of individuals and companies, who share a common love for our planet and the people who inhabit it, possess a common desire to make the world a better place.

I believe individuals are powerful, and individuals in a community are exponentially more powerful.

Join our community. Add your voice to our discussions. Because we are individuals who all have different ideas and experiences. These differences help push to make everyone and the world around us better.

Collaboration is powerful. Let us all collaborate as a community and make beautiful changes in the world.

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