“Alright crew. We’re about to head out on the largest spacewalk in history.” Aiden heard his C.O., Zeb Porter, say through the comms in his helmet. “I know you know this already. I am telling you again so you know the importance of what is going on. Keep a close eye on your buddy. It will be disorienting when you first climb out of the airlock, but your lives depend on each other. Stay focused. Understood?”

“Hooyah!” Everyone said in response.

The group–collectively known as “The Crowd”– were a mixture of military and civilian specialists. All members had been hand-picked by the governments and private companies that make up the “Deep Space Alliance,” or DS-A, and survived the rigorous two and a half years of training.

Over the last two weeks, the DS-A crew assembled at an engineering marvel. A massive structure built entirely in space by autonomous drones from...

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Crimes Against the Human Race

Crimes Against the Human Race

“Charlotte Freeman, this court of your peers has found you guilty of a crime against the human race. Because this is your first offense and the only time you have appeared before a court, you will be given a choice in punishment,” the High Judge said. “I will get to your options shortly. Throughout this trial, you have maintained your innocence. Now that a conviction has been found, do you still maintain your innocence?”

I was not expecting to be asked this. Why would I change my story now? It doesn’t matter at this point. Considering the evidence presented, I knew I would be found guilty. I began to believe I’d done it by the time the prosecutor was done.

I closed my eyes, hoping to block out everything around me. But all I saw were flashes of memories from that night. The night that had brought me here. All...

9 Meals to Chaos

9 Meals to Chaos

At first, it didn’t seem like much. A few things weren’t being restocked at the stores, more gaps in the shelves. If we couldn’t replace something in our pantry, we went without, assuming it’d be back soon.

Really, no big deal.

The news would announce a store or local restaurant...

Make Good Art

If you enjoy his voice as much as I do, listen to some of his audiobooks, you won’t regret it.

Neil Gaiman gives one of the greatest commencement speeches of all time...